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In the summer of 2015, a bubbling bride-to-be bounced into a local floral shop, excited to inquire about a simple flower arrangemenet for her upcoming wedding. She was surprised that the rate per arrangement was much more than she imagined. After recording the quote, she returned to the same floral shop three weeks later to be "re-quoted" $60 more (per arrangement) than she was quoted originally, being she disclosed that the arrangements were for a wedding, and the florist could not recall what she originally quoted. Little did she know...the inspiration to start Forever Shea Flower Rentals was being established.

It was at that time that she decided to take a different approach to acquiring wedding floral and making her big day as beautiful as she dreamed, even with a limited budget. She was blessed to be able to purchase her florals wholesale, and jumped into DIY mode. However, the stess of unpacking, cutting, watering, and praying that her floral would not die, or not be fully bloomed in time for the wedding was nerve racking, and incredibly stressful. Keep in mind--this is BEFORE any arranging starting taking place, or trasporting to the venue! Even in pursuing an alternate route, she couldn't help but yearn for  a better solution for brides-to-be and hosts of special celebrations in general to beautify their event, without a huge budget, or the stress of keeping fresh flowers alive, nurted into bloom, beautifully arranged, AND safely transported with damage or wilting. Then of course---the aftermath of dead flowers, dirty vases, and the confusion of what to do with it all. There just HAS to be a better way!

Marteka (lovingly known as Teka) wanted to create a reliable and efficient resource for ALL special events to have beautiful flowers, and avoid being a victum of price gouging or unfair selling tactics. Now, Forever Shea is here to streamline and simplify acquiring event flowers and alleviate the stress of transporting and caring for live flower arrangements, without compromising to beauty of your event, or breaking the bank. Regardless of your event---weddings, baby showers, realestate open house, corporate parties, anniversaries, church events, and so much more...Forever Shea has you covered!